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Small workshop producing furniture with a statement

Since I can remember, I have been thinking about creating and developing new stuff. It didn't matter whether it was wooden go carts made to race down the hill behind our house, stands for imaginary bakery, or three houses. During high school and college urge to create was still there, but it was suppressed by lack of time and money to transform ideas into products. Since than I was able to graduate, get a job, and establish small workshop, where I could turn my ideas into reality.
I started my work with making oak sink for my bathroom. Since than I have made lots of different products out of wood, concrete and resin. I am making wooden, concrete and resin bathroom sinks and vanities, coffee tables, dining tables, sliding shelfs and much more.

Happy to see you here!

Master of science, with passion for innovation and woodworking

Jure Erzen


Please take a look at our range of products. Our products include wooden bathroom sinks, vanities, dining tables, coffee tables, cutting boards, wall shelfs, and much more. We are lunching two new lines of products, where we merged wood with concrete and resin.


Perfect fit, special, one in a kind pieces made just for you.

We never run out of ideas, but we understand that for perfect integration of our product we need to work closely with our customers. That is why we are offering free of charge consolation and 3D visualization of the planned item.
That is how we reach optimum solutions regarding design, materials and finishing early on in the project.

Hand made out of best possible raw materials available.

Our products are one in a kind, hand crafted items made from of prime Slovenian wood or other high-quality raw materials that highlight our design. We use local tree species such as oak, ash, walnut, cherry, and others if needed. For finishing we try to use natural oils and other minimum invasive coatings.
We are aware that trees are vital part of nature, so we try to give back as much as possible. For each product we plant at least one tree.

Put the installation stress and problems away – EJD installation.

We are aware that costumer is only happy when product is fixed in place and ready to use. In order to make installation of our product as easy as possible we also offer installation at your home. Afterall who better to install the product that the person who made it.


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